So you're interested in paying us with Bitcoin but you're not sure how?


No Worries.

There are main places we direct our customers to although there are several other ways:
- (Scroll to bottom of page for tutorial video on how to use.)
- Squarecash (US ONLY)


We recommend Coinbase for anyone outside of the US. It supports most other countries of customers we have.
We recommend Squarecash for anyone inside the US as it is a bit cheaper than Coinbase.



After you setup your account, you can buy bitcoin instantly with your debit card (credit cards wont work) for a 4% fee. You can also use Coinbase to buy from your bank account for a 1.5% fee, which is considerably cheaper, but the wait time is around 5-7 days so most will not use this option.

Once you chose an option, you ask us the amount of bitcoin you will need for your pack (25% off in game prices) and then purchase that amount in your app. Once the purchase is done, the bitcoin will be deposited inside of your app. From here you will send the bitcoin to the address we provide to you.




(UPDATE: We've had a lot of reports of squarecash not working so well after the first or second buy. They apparently deny buys a lot for some reason. So if you decide to go with this option over coinbase, just take this into account.)

Squarecash is a relatively newer option for US citizens excluding only a few states. The great thing about squarecash is that it is so cheap! There is no upfront fee for buying and it almost appears as tho you're getting to buy it for market value.. There is a hidden fee however when you buy that ends up being around 1%. The way squarecash makes their money is that they sell bitcoin at an increased market value. This is definitely the easiest and best option by far in our opinion tho!


Ok so now that we've discussed fees, lets discuss the actual buying of the bitcoin using the squarecash app.

So once you have installed and setup squarecash on your phone, you should see an option to buy bitcoin. Once you buy the bitcoin it will be deposited into your app INSTANTLY. Now, in order to send the bitcoin to us you will need to go to the "Withdraw" option. If this is your first time, you will need to send some photos of your ID and selfie. Then they will make you wait a while for verification.. this is normally around 24 hours.

After you're verified, you are ready to send bitcoin to us!

Now here is a little catch. The bitcoin wallet we use is not supported by Squarecash so you cant send directly from squarecash to us. The way you will need to get around this is to send to another wallet first that is supported, such as your coinbase, gdax, binance, bitrex, etc... and then once your bitcoin arrives there, you can send to us!

Thanks in advance for considering payment with Bitcoin!
Now for a Tutorial Video on how to send us Bitcoin using the Coinbase app!